Sports Facilities

Action Speak Louder Than Coaches.

Research proves that physical activity is necessary for developing cognitively and socially and for developing habits of mind that are required for success like confidence, perseverance, resilience and collaboration. Since JITO Delhi Public School is deeply committed to an all-around education, the SPA programme is introduced at early levels. Students learn to collaborate, to be effective team players, to better their performances and to aspire for victory within the parameters of accepted rules. Students have the opportunity to choose from a range of activities like speech and Drama, Jazz ballet, Chess, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Athletic, Skating.

  • Please refer to the SPA Programme Sheet for the specific activities offered.
  • You are requested to write a note in the organiser if your child cannot participate in the SPA activity on a particular day.
  • The Coordinator has been given specific instructions to excuse only those children who have written requests from their parents.
  • The Coordinator will stamp 'MISSED SPA' against the note in the diary.